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Lopez Athletics

Father Lopez Catholic Green Wave Athletics


Lopez Athletics

Father Lopez Catholic Green Wave Athletics

Lopez Athletics

Father Lopez Catholic Green Wave Athletics

Varsity Letters

Varsity Letterman’s Club 

Qualifications and Process

A student-athlete must finish the season on the varsity roster in good standing. The student-athlete must have competed and/or dressed for 75% of the varsity contests for that season in that particular sport.


Award Levels:

Varsity Letter:     

Each student-athlete that meets qualifications will receive a Varsity Chenille Letter.The student-athlete will be awarded this letter the first time he or she letters in a varsity sport, and only receives one during their high school career. Boys will receive Green letters, and Girls will receive White letters.


Sport Pin:                     

The student-athlete will receive a sport pin for each year that they letter in that particular sport.
If they lettered in multiple sports, they will get a pin in each sport that they qualify each year. (We have done away with awarding ‘bars’ for multiple years.

Student Athlete Honor Roll Patch:

Each student-athlete that finishes with a 3.5 cumulative GPA will be honored on the ‘Student Athlete Honor Roll’, and will receive a green Chevron Arm Patch. The award will be presented at the beginning of the year honoring those that finished on the list during previous school year.  Seniors will be awarded once the final grades have been cumulated in May.   


Four Year Plaque:               

Any student-athlete that lettered four full years at Father Lopez in the same sport will be honored with a ‘Four Year Varsity Letter Award’ plaque.Must letter 4 years in the same sport to receive the award.


Participation Certificate:    


Varsity players that coach does not feel met the guidelines for a varsity letter.    (Varsity Letter recipients’ do not get a certificate and a letter).


 Junior Varsity athlete that completed the entire season on the roster in good standing.